With the IRS increasingly scrutinizing Employee
Business Expenses, we encourage the use of a tax professional for the
completion of your taxes. For those of you still doing it on your own we offer
this only as a form of helpful tips

Turbo Tax placement of numbers on your 2106:

****It is illegal for you to use Form 2106EZ if you
were reimbursed a per diem by your airline! You must use Form 2106. If TurboTax
places your per diem amount on a Form 2106EZ you have done something

Here are some tips to get you through Turbo Tax.
These are intended as tips only and by no means is Pro-Diem, Inc. responsible
for any omissions or errors on your tax forms. This is intended only as a guide;
please consult Turbo Tax is you have any questions or problems!

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