Pro-Diem, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new online service. This new service will allow you to verify your address, pay and submit data in a new streamlined manner on our web site. You will now  be able to do this all in one place from your secure account with Pro-Diem, Inc.



Data Submission Options: What you can do to get flight info to us: 


What we need: *Copies of your flight data from your Union website. This is our preferred method of data submission from American Airlines PILOTS.

(The Reason: The flying history for PILOTS found on the APA contains your "In Times".  Your Pay Sheets at AMR contains the number of minutes flown not the actual "in time".) 

*Pre-Merger US AIR Pilots may be able to retrieve some or all of their flight data from APA.  (See also our US AIR page)

Option 1.  


We Have A Great Way to Save your Data to Send to Us!!!



Go To:


Select "Committees"

select "Operational Analysis"

select "Sabre" (in upper right)

Login - Logbook

Select correct pages for dates needed (we recommend previous year December 01 - Current year January 05 or so,  This will capture all carry in and all carry out of year data.

EXPORT to Microsoft Excel

Upload file to your account to






We can assist you remotely!



Don't forget to confirm your Profile!






Option 3. Fill in our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works Log. For those of you who prefer to keep your data in a file on your computer we offer a log for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Works. Click on the button below and choose "save" when prompted. We recommend saving the file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again easily, i.e. your desktop. Please rename the file something unique to you: such as your last name and the year. Once your log is complete you can submit it to us by logging into your online account and selecting the file upload tab at the top. Once the file is submitted proceed to the payment tab. Your payment will push your account to processing.


An active internet connection is not required for this method.






Option 4. Fill in our Electronic Log. We have a great one available for you by logging in to your own secure account with us. If you have not registered an account with us online, it is a simple process. Once you have logged in you will click on the Log tab at the top and select log entry from the drop down menu. More detailed instructions for filling out the electronic log will be on the log entry page. 





American Airlines Notes:


Pilots :


We can also use the following data sources:


1.HI2 "CALENDARS" FROM AMR:  Copy these monthly and paste into our form or a blank document.  They come directly from AMR and if you can remember to save them before they are out of the computer will work great.  You may also wish to print a copy for your records.


Go to AA Pilots Home page

In the center column select "My Flying Schedule (Calendar)

Then select the previous month.


 Your previous month is only available until around the 10th.  You may use the HI1 Calendar for your current month ONLY after you have finished flying for the month.

A calendar with square blocks will come up with your sequences listed below it.  Click on PRINT! 

You might also download the file to a folder you have created to organize your monthly printouts.  If you wish yo upload them to us at the end of the year, we request that you copy and paste them into a single word processing document.  To do this just select "Contol A" - to select all, then  "Control C" to copy, then with a blank document open select "Control V" to paste the data into the blank document.  You can save the document and add months to it as the year goes on.  At the end of the year you can just upload the file to us for easy processing!


2. Copies of the Last Pay Sheet Detail for each month  - You will have to use one of our logs for this method.

    Log in to jetnet
Once on jetnet, click the “PAY” tab.
Once the “PAY” tab opens, select “Pay Statement”.
When the “Payment Tab” opens up, all your pay statements will be displayed. Either scroll down to the “Activity/Pay Sheet”, or click on the “Activity/Pay Sheet” link located on the upper right hand corner of the page.
For American select the last pay sheet of the month.



If you are a pilot and taking this information from your "pay sheets" PLEASE NOTE: 

American Airlines  lists your "out times" and your "minutes flown" not your "in time", we have written a special program to accommodate this.  Our software allows you to enter the "minutes"  and WE will automatically calculate the IN times for you!
Saving your HI-3's after each trip is a very good idea!


Download this special log form for use with AA "pay sheets":

 for Microsoft Excel users

 for Microsoft Works users


After  downloading  our Flight Log sheet, enter your information into it.  Then when complete you can login to our website, upload your file and make payment in a few quick steps.


These are the flight data submission options for American Airlines Pilots.


Please contact our office at 817-421-8389 if you have

any further questions.






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